our deepest fear iswe are powerful beyond measure

What If We Are Subconsciously Sabotaging Ourselves?

I Have a Good Thing… I run a sports group on Facebook for fans of the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks. Six years ago, I invited two dozen people to join the new group. Those people invited their friends, who invited some of their friends. It’s only 217 members currently, but it’s a solid group. If you need a place to debate whether Dad Prescott should earn franchise QB money or whether Kristaps Porzingis and Luka […]

Which Angle Do You View Your Problems From?

You get blindsided by some new event. It wasn’t expected. There’s no way to prepare for surprise. Surprise just happens. And we do our best to process the new and unexpected information as it comes.  Are you glass half empty or half full?  I hate that question. It’s so annoyingly cliché that most people grimace when it’s asked. The mind just glosses over it and moves on to the next relevant thought.  But it’s cliché […]

It’s Okay to Disagree With Your Political Party

I’ve felt disgusted with the political system all of my adult life. It’s the empty grandiose speeches and posturing that lead to so few real improvements.  While “Change We Need” and “Drain the Swamp” sound great, I’ve noticed that radical change, while it may reduce the amount of empty high-sounding speech in our system, also jettisoned dignity and respect in our process of discourse.  Things aren’t often black and white. You don’t have to accept […]

Where To Start?

Have you ever surveyed the landscape of possible self-growth strategies and found too many options and not enough time to do them all? Analysis paralysis has historically been one of my biggest challenges. You see some pros and cons of each path, and get stuck trying to decide which path to take or project to start. Ready – Fire – Aim The analytical approach can lead to lots of inactivity. Lots of not doing. To […]

Stuck in An Endless Cycle?

After a trauma, we are desperate for a distraction. Alcohol, movies, food, sex, work, exercise, hobbies… we find something to alleviate the pain. And yet, ironically, we feel confused by problems that seem to repeat themselves: break ups, losing jobs, diet failures, you name it. A random quote stopped me in my tracks this morning: I know a lot of guys (and girls) who think they’re tough and take pride in their strength because they […]